he is God’s gift 

never seen an actor having so much fun via being basically himself. 

RDJ basking in the adoration.

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The Dark Prince Of Asgard.
Favourite God Of Mischief moments from TDW.

Bonus because it so deserves a close up:

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"I have two sisters – one older, one younger – and I love them very much. Unlike with Loki and Thor, I’ve never tried to kill them." - Tom Hiddleston

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Thor & colours

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easily my favorite picture in the world

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So happy to get Mulan for the lovely snarkies' Disney Ladies Collaboration on twitter! If I hadn't been destined to love Ariel by default, Mulan would be my favorite Disney lady of all time.

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why would you make a pokemon try to operate a camera when there are like 20 people there

Why would you make that pokemon try to operate a camera

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